Registration fee details

Registration fee is payable at the venue on 30, September 2011.


Seminar (Half day on 30th Sept) - 8.00 to 13.30
Rs.1000/- (Regular)
Rs.500 (If your submitted Bad Design is qualified) 50% discount.

Seminar + Workshop (3days) -
Rs.3000 (Regular)
Rs 1500 (If your submitted Bad Design is qualified) 50% discount.

Group Discount (If more than 5 participants attend from an organization)
Rs.2500 (Regular) for each participant
Rs 1000 (If your submitted Bad Design is qualified) 50% discount. for each participant


Seminar + Workshop (3days)
Rs.1000 (Regular)
Rs 500 (If your submitted Bad Design is qualified) 50% discount.

* The above fee details are excluding accommodation at campus.
* Registration closes by 11th September 2011
* Participation is limited to 150 members only

How to avail 50% discount on registration fee?

Step 1: Register for TechEase 2011 by creating a new account, before September 11.
Step 2: To avail 50% discount on the registration fee, please submit original Bad Design ideas, before September 11. ( For reference please visit Bad Design Examples ).

Note:Total number of participants selected is limited to 150.


Take photographs of the bad designs you identify in day-to-day life.
Give a description of the problem in a convenient language. (English/Hindi/Telugu)
Submit the baddesign entries along with the photographs at
keeping "TechEase11" in the subject.
Send across the following details along with the bad designs.

Description of the bad design entry:
Contact No.:
Email ID:

* A mail will be sent if your Bad Design entry is qualified for 50% discount.

Points to note:

  1. Students should send only original bad design entries.Copied entries will not be accepted.
  2. No limit on the number of entries per college.
  3. Each entry can be submitted by only one individual, and an individual can submit multiple entries.
  4. Names of the selected students will be announced on the Techease 2011 website.
  5. Entries forTechEase 2011 will also be considered for Boycott Bad Designs contest - a separate event being conducted by - under which each of the Top 10 bad designs will be awarded a cash prize of rupees 5000/-.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Format: Image/photograph with description of the problem area.
  2. If you can't take a photograph, don't get discouraged. Please send the Bad Design description.
  3. The digital images should be of jpeg format with a minimum 200dpi or 1MB resolution.
  4. The photographs should clearly depict the problem area identified.


Students of any year but preferably pursuing their final or pre-final year in Engineering, Design, Management, Architecture and Visual Arts are eligible. Passed out students and working professionals who are interested will also be considered.